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The statutes of the association " LES AMIS DE L'ORGUE D'ESCH-GRENZ asbl " provide for

  • the organisation and financing of concerts in the Church of the Sacred Heart in Esch-Alzette;

  • to contribute to the financing of the maintenance of the great organs of the Church of the Sacred Heart in  Esch-Alzette;

  • the promotion of musical life, especially church music and organ music;

  • to extend its activities to all areas directly or indirectly related to its purpose.

We would be grateful if you would support our projects, which are carried out within the framework of the association's purpose.

You can transfer your donations to the account of "LES AMIS DE L'ORGUE D'ESCH-GRENZ asbl" 

CCPL : IBAN LU10 1111 2535 9032 0000


Your donations which be transferred to the following accounts: 

CCPL IBAN LU10 1111 0043 0032 0000 of the UNION GRAND-DUC ADOLPHE – UGDA, or

BCEE IBAN LU24 0019 4655 0203 7000 of the FONDS CULTUREL NATIONAL.  

with the reference "DON AMIS DE L'ORGUE ESCH-GRENZ" benefit from tax advantages within the framework of the regulations in force.

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